Opportunities Abroad for Teachers and Educators

Opportunities Abroad for Teachers and Educators

For the last many years India and other developing countries have become the suppliers of trained school teachers to the countries like South East Asia, UK. Australia, New Zealand and U.S.A. Earlier the demand was for software engineers, doctors and business managers but now job opportunities are available for teachers, nurses and chefs.

Many teachers from schools of India and other developing countries may be interested to work in schools of developing or developed countries, for full time or on contract basis, as large number of educational institutes and schools have come up because of increased population due to which the shortage of teacher has become acute.

The great demand is for math, special education and science teachers, resulting in recruitment of teachers from developing nations to fill the growing number of vacancies in public or private schools in developing and developed countries. Developing countries like India, Philippines, Caribbean and others with large English-speaking populations, are major recruitment centres.

If anyone is planning to work in the K-12 school, then he/she should be adventurous because teaching overseas for a period of minimum two years can help open opportunities both abroad and in the home country. This help teachers develop excellent cross-cultural communication and adaptation skills and are cross-culturally sensitive.

Qualification required to teach abroad depends on the curriculum that one wants to teach. In Indian curriculum school like CBSE or ICSE boards, a B.Ed. degree would suffice. For teaching in an international curriculum school, a professional qualification PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education) offered by U.K universities is mostly required.

We shall advertise from time to time the requirements/vacancies of teaching/administrative posts available in our member institutions of developing and developed countries so that interested members may get a chance to serve in the institutes of their interest.

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