1. About Us

2. Vision

3. Mission

4. Objective

5. Services, Resources And Plans

About Us

Gianmandir is a platform for world educational institutions and their directors/heads/teachers/students and other stakeholders to share knowledge and explore means to strengthen the education system and to address collectively the challenges faced by them, if any. Members of our institutions world over will be supported with training and career advancement opportunities.

Our platform will support world educationists of our member-institutions to work at national and international levels to exchange ideas through international experts from education, industry, social, cultural and government sectors to shape and strengthen world’s social fabric through education.

Our organization is dedicated to advancing teaching standards and promoting diversity and equity among international teaching community by helping our member institutions to grow better.
Our experts will always be available to share knowledge through various means by organizing international educational events, like conferences, summer and exchange programs, internships, faculty development (both online and offline) to aware the members about the education systems in different countries.

Our team will help national/international students and teachers of institutions for better opportunities to meet their goals to realize their professional dreams.

Our national/international groups will work with each other in different cultures, speaking different languages across many countries and with other communities.


Gianmandir platform will promote academic, social and cultural growth among its member-institutions world over with a vision to internationalize these institutions, especially schools, with the aim to be accepted for admission at local and the global level for learning, ambition and growth with the passage of time. The schools are to be developed as learning-focused, helping their students to match to international levels.


Our mission is to develop a group of educational institutions from 50+ countries around the world, strengthen their education systems and facilitate world class training opportunities to their members to support career advancements and placements in other international institutions. Our mission is to provide opportunities to our members (teachers/students) and other stakeholders for getting higher education in the institutions around the world for the programs and schools that match their background, skills and interests.


Our objective is to create a platform to share knowledge and to meet challenges faced in employability, skill development and education system by the member-institutions so that every interested member may get the best education and skills to compete at national/ international level. This will contribute to competitive employability, nation building and peace in the world by promoting collaboration through  education, culture and communication in order to enhance universal respect for human  rights and freedoms without any distinction of race, sex, language, region or religion. Our objective is to focus on training, with high quality skills to our members, with globally acceptable qualifications and standards, improve their efficiency, quality and production bridging thereby the demand and supply gap. We plan to facilitate overseas education through global programs for job requirements with international standards and support weaker and disadvantaged sections of society through different programs. We will arrange exhibitions, education fairs, institutional meets, summer and exchange programs, video- and audio-lectures, webinars, workshops, etc. for the benefit of institutions and their members, and publish papers, articles, studies, etc. in the service of institutes, education leaders, teachers and students.

Our Proposed Plans

It has been observed that education system of most of the schools and colleges of developing countries is not of international standard due the challenges faced by the students with regard to skill gaps, disparity between curricula and market demands etc. Keeping these points in mind we have developed some programs which will motivate and help schools and colleges who may be interested to improve their education system so that these institutions may come up to the level of international standard of education.

Gianmandir provides following services & resource programs to our members.

  1. Student and Cultural Exchange Programs at National and International Levels between Schools, Colleges and Universities.

  2. Partnership Programs at National and International Levels between Schools, Colleges and Universities.

  3. Academic and Technical Events like Symposia, Workshops, Conferences, Summer Schools, etc. among National and International Students, Teachers and Education Leaders.

  4. STEM and STEAM Education Programs in Schools and Colleges.

  5. Skill Development Programs.

  6. Teachers Training and Exchange Programs for Teachers and their Supporting Staff.

  7. Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities at National and International Levels.

  8. IELTS and PTE Training Program Online.

  9. International Ph.D. Programs for Educators (Principals, Teachers Educators of Schools and Colleges).

  10. Center of Excellence in Education

  11. Mental and Physical Health through Psycho-analysis and Yoga Classes.

  12. Distance Learning Solutions through Live and Interactive Teaching (One-to-one and One-to-many).

  1. Normal: CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, etc..

  2. Competition: JEE, NEET, NDA, CAT, CLAT, etc.

  1. Guidelines for opening up of New CBSE Schools of Global Eminence in the developing nations.

  2. Getting Jobs in National and International Institutes.

Following resource will be provided to the member institutes, their students, teachers and other staff.

  1. NCERT Syllabus based videos of Science and Mathematics of IX to XII Class students on YouTube.

  2. School Management Software (ERP)

  3. @ Domain: E-mail addresses of Students and Teachers with their School Name.

  4. Industry Integrated Programs: BCA, BBA, MCA, MBA degrees to Economically Weaker Section students of India.

Details of the above facilities are given separately under their respective menus.