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Creating an Excellent Educational Institution
Excellence of educational institutions (schools/colleges) depends on good management and clear understanding of good management theory and ability to translate theory into practice. One cannot accept school/ college as good based solely on test scores and building ratings. There is much more to be an excellent institute and it must fit the student and the goals of the family.
To create an excellent educational institute there should be a strong team of administrative and visionary leadership, staff, students and their parents, members of the community, businesses, social service agencies, and community colleges and universities. Everybody should be involved and connected to each other to identify problems and work on solutions.
Parental participation is important because it will send the message to students that the adults in their lives, both teachers and parents, believe in the importance of education and are willing to support students’ educational experiences and efforts.
The administration must support teachers and build teacher leaders. It is important to get student opinion to improve reputation. Actively seeking continuous feedback from applicants, students, and staff can help stay ahead of emerging issues like course availability, content, campus amenities, accommodations, or any other factors.
Effective use of assessment data from surveys allows institutions to identify problematic areas of learning at the classroom and school/college levels so that teachers can generate solutions to address the problems. Student performance has been shown to improve where the entire community works toward goals that are communicated and shared among all in the learning environment.
The planned and actual curricula should be as per the essential academic learning requirements, updated to reflect the changing marketplace and dynamics in higher education, considering the growing impact of globalization. Teaching should be adjusted based on frequent monitoring of student progress and needs. Due attention should be paid to imparting training in modern teaching aids, tools and methodologies integrated with technology so that more and more people get interested in taking up teaching as a vocation.
Students should practice teamwork, leadership and critical thinking and exposure to entrepreneurship projects such as identifying and exploiting market opportunities through business ideas. Students should be from all backgrounds racially, ethnically, linguistically or economically different. They should have off-campus experiences, i.e. they need to get out in the community and learn about their community. They need to travel to different places within the state, in other states and maybe even out of the country.
The schools/colleges must be safe with civil, healthy and intellectually stimulating learning environment where students may feel respected and engaged in learning with appropriate and up-to-date resources. Teachers should not be racist, bullies or present any danger to the school/college community.
Maintaining an active presence on social media can help to define institution’s brand. Social media content that can boost institution’s excellence includes: research results, awards and achievements, study abroad programs, staff profiles, photos of a picturesque campus, profiles of notable past students or achievements and past and present student testimonials, etc.
Quality of educational system in developing countries can be improved and student enrollment can be increased by reducing the cost of education and providing food during school. This will alleviate children’s hunger during class as well as encourage regular school attendance, students’ concentration and general achievement.
Facilities for cultural events also go long way in building a student’s life skills and personality and also keep the interest in attending school intact.
A good, spacious and well maintained school building with required infrastructure like furniture, clean hygienic toilets, accessible drinking water, designated activity and play areas, functional laboratories and computers will make students look forward to attending school/college.
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